In 1787, King George III identifies Tahitian breadfruit as an abundant, nutritious food source for the Caribbean territories and enlists Lieutenant William Bligh to carry out the mission of producing breadfruit for the Caribbean on Her Majesty’s Ship Bounty.  This tale of stern leadership, adventure, and romance between the H.M.S. Bounty’s crew and the Tahitian women eventually leads to the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty on April 28th, 1789.

The crew cast away the breadfruit and Lieutenant Bligh to their peril.  However, the accomplished seamen Bligh survives and is promoted to Captain to command and complete the mission on H.M.S. Providence.  He loads the ship with 2126 breadfruit plants, of which 678 survive the voyage being delivered to the West Indies in 1793 and the first tree planted on the island of St. Vincent.

This successful mission brings breadfruit to the Caribbean allowing us to handcraft the first and finest Island Vodka ® named after this tale, MUTINY Island Vodka ® .

This exciting, authentic tale, rich in history, has been made for the silver screen three times since 1935.