Award-winning chef Todd Manley has a passion for the finest, most authentic ingredients.  The chef-owner of popular Christiansted restaurants such as Toast, 40 Strand and others believes success begins with ingredients. So when looking for a way to give back to his adopted home of St. Croix, he looked for an ingredient. And he found breadfruit, an ingredient true to the island and with a rich heritage behind it, and began his fascination with its richness, history and versatility.  

The story of breadfruit begins in Tahiti and travels across the Caribbean, and of course includes a chapter on the most famous mutiny tale ever told. Brought to the Caribbean, it was key to feeding the populations of St. Croix and all the Caribbean.  

Manley found a dynamic, like-minded partner in award-winning master distiller Chris Richeson. Together they labored to achieve, for the first time ever, a perfect distillation using the precious ingredients of breadfruit and water. And so in 2017 they created a luxury island vodka that honors the rich history of the island that gave birth to it. Conceived on the island of St. Croix and perfected in the year of the hurricanes, Mutiny Island Vodka unleashes an unforgettable taste that is distinctive and clear and clean, a true island vodka with a luxurious smoothness that takes you to the trade winds and blue waters of its island home.  

This project will provide value-added agricultural products for St. Croix, and assist in the relief of the hurricane-devastated population. Additionally it will raise the public consciousness of breadfruit, which is seen by some as a way to ease world hunger. A study by the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Breadfruit Institute promotes it as a superfood from a high- and long-yielding tree that has many culinary uses.

Mutiny Island Vodka supports this use of breadfruit to ease world hunger and fortify food security. We will do this by donating portions of our proceeds to groups such as The Breadfruit Institute and Trees That Feed Foundation, who use forestation of breadfruit and education on its uses in needing regions of the worlds. Please visit these fantastic organizations’ sites to learn more and how you can help.

Sion Farm Distillery is located on the beautiful island of St. Croix, in historic estate Sion Farm, in the community-loved, iconic, and revitalized Island Dairies. Creating new jobs for locals, the facility be open to the public. Here you can view our custom Artisan stills in action for an upclose experience like no other. It will also feature a beautiful bar, a tasting room, and a special event space that will be the must-go-to place for locals and visitors alike in the U.S. Virgin Islands.